Active pharmaceutical ingredients are biologically active and present in pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the pharma drugs contain more than one active ingredient. These ingredients are used in special cases and for treatment of various health conditions. IORA provides a high quality of API in the most advanced supplier facility.


Alkaloids are a type of naturally occurring organic compounds that contain maximum number of basic nitrogen atoms. They are found basically in plants and especially occur in flowering plant categories. They are classified on their chemical structure. The main classes of alkaloids are pyrrolidines, pyridines, tropanes, pyrrolizidines, isoquinolines, indoles, quinolones, terpenoids and steroids. Alkaloids are used for various medicinal purposes in humans.

Herbal Extracts

Herbal extracts are the formulation which is made by the extraction of herbs and their categories. They are suppliers in the form of concentrated liquid in which a solvent is used to extract the herbal properties out of the plant material. Some solvents used for extraction are alcohol, vegetable glycerin or vinegar. The process of herbal extraction is safe and efficient. Some of the most used herbal extracts are asphalt, gingko biloba, turmeric extracts, ginseng, safed musli and ashwagandha.

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