Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)

We are engaged in supplying, distributing and exporting Pharmaceutical Raw Material and Excipients.

Integration of Services & Technology forms the basis of our supplying dream. Specialization is must to take any form of Business to New Heights. This very concept has driven us to supply vital products under co-development with our provider associates to fulfill the current requirement.

With our dedication, determination and innovation we are one such association who are successfully making the below mentioned products and continuously strive to reach the best standards in both Quality & Value


  • Cilnidipne
  • Glimipiride IP / USP
  • Glipizide IP / BP
  • Levosulpiride
  • Lornoxicam
  • Olmesartan Medoxomil
  • Rutin (Rutoside Trihydrate) NF11/EP7
  • Serratiopeptidase ( Plain / Granules )
  • Tamsulosin HCL
  • Trypsin BP
  • Vitamin K 2-7