Hospital Holloware

Iora provides hollowware such as trays for surgical/dressing which are stainless steel, catheter trays, shallow trays, mayo table trays, douche can, urinals of stainless steel, thermometer/forceps jars, bowls and basins, measuring jus, feeding cups, measuring spoons, bed pans, and plastic hollowware items.

Infant Care & Baby Care Equipments

Such equipment is used for careful observation of small infants in hospitals. IORA provides infant and baby care equipment such as baby incubator, infant radiant warmer, open care system, infant resuscitation trolley, phototherapy unit’s infant meters, and weight scales.

Misc. Surgical Medical Products

IORA provides miscellaneous surgical instruments which are used during surgery. Some of them are Castroviejo calipers, conical probes, cryogun, flexible ear loops, finger ring cutter, grooved directors, dissecting probe, baron suction tubes, rectal speculum, eye magnet and foreign body loop and many other products.

Hospital Scrubs & Linens

Scrubs and linens are used by surgeons and practitioner during examination or surgery of patient. IORA lifecare provides high quality and most hygienic scrubs and linens for surgeons.The material used is standard and hygienic. They are made available in various sizes and colors.

OT Tables

Operating tables are required in operation theatre in hospitals where a patient is placed on the table for surgery procedures. IORA provides operation tables in various sizes and formats. They also provide OT tables which are pre-equipped with instruments required for surgery.

Rehabilitation Products & Aids

Rehabilitation equipment are those which provide some form of exercise and relaxation to the patients after a surgery or medical procedure. They include body positioning equipment, parallel bars; tilt tables, balance platforms and ballet bars, patient lifts, work and therapy tables, training stairs, posture mirrors, and many more.

Physiotherapy Equipments

A physiotherapist use physiotherapy equipment which help the patient to recover from their injuries or post-surgery. They are exercise bike, exercise balls, electric muscle stimulation equipment, Nordic track, treatment tables, ultrasound equipment and much more.

Dental Equipments & Products

A dentist use dental equipment for the examination and treatment of dental problems. IORA provides dental equipment like mouth mirrors, tongue and cheek retractor, dental syringe, dental drill, dental laser, dental torque wrench, operative burs, excavators, burnishers, pluggers, scalers, curettes, and a lot other.

Blood Collection Tubes

IORA Lifecare provides blood collection tubes in which the patient’s blood is collected for the examination and sent to the pathology lab. Various cap color tubes are supplied in a complete hygienically environment facility. Serum test tubes, sodium citrate tubes, ESR rack, tourniquets, etc. are made.

Medical Imaging

Medical imaging instruments are used for clinical analysis of human body through interior visual representation. IORA provides medical imaging systems like X-Ray machine, ECG machines, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) scan, ultrasound machine, mammography system and more.

ICU Equipment

IORA Lifecare is involved in providing Intensive Care Unit equipment like ventilator, BPAP system, CPAP system, patient monitor, infusion pump, syringe pump, blood warmer and defibrillator. They are supplied in ultra-hygienic facility.

Medical Refrigerators & Freezers

The medical refrigerators and freezers are used for the storage of blood, organs to be transplanted and medicines used in the case of emergency. Freezers with good cooling and storing facility are manufactures whereas refrigerators which stores blood are also designed. Medical refrigerators which usually store medicines are made more strong and powerful in order to keep them safe and hygienic.