Central Venous Access Catheters

It is a catheter which is kept into a large vein. The main use of this catheter is to monitor medications which are not taken by mouth but through veins. It is used for the intravenous therapies like dialysis, chemotherapy, intravenous antibiotics dosages, long term pain medications, frequent intravenous access, and sometimes blood collections.

Intraocular Lens

These lenses are medical device which are implanted inside the eye in order to replace eye’s natural lens that has been removed during cataract surgery. In case of vision correction surgery generally called refractive lens exchange the intraocular lens are used. iora provides intraocular lens for such applications

Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments

Implants and instruments which are required for orthopedic treatment are provide by IORA lifecare. Instruments and implants such as arthoplasty implants, arthroscopy instrument, bone drill and twist drills, bone plates, bone screws, external fixations, instruments for bone plates and screws, intra medullary interlocking nails and general orthopedics set are available.

Medical Disposables

Medical disposables arte those medical products which once used can be disposed safely. IORA lifecare provide disposable products like infusion disposable set, cardiology disposables, surgical medical gloves plastic scissors, plastic tweezers, surgical dressings, plastic sponge holder, urology disposable set, gastro entrology set, anaesthesia disposable set, blood collection bags and tubes.

Diagnostic Equipments & Products

IORA Lifecare manufacture and supplies medical diagnostic equipment like stethoscopes, skin surface microscope, light illuminator, tongue blade holder, diabetic foot assessment kit, specula and dispenser, catheters, interface cables, telemetry pouches and monitoring equipment.

Anaesthesia Equipments & Products

Anaesthesia instruments are manufactured by IORA lifecare at their facility. Instruments such as continuous flow anaesthesia machine, oxygen mask, vaporizers, nasal set, guedel airways, yankauer suction tip, artificial resuscitator, Bain circuit, peripheral venous catheter, laryngoscope, endotracheal tube, spinal needle, endoscope, and many others are provide by IORA.

Autoclave & Sterilizers

An autoclave sterilizer is a device that sterilizes any equipment. It kills or removes all form of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and spores from the object’s surface. Autoclave use steam to disinfect the equipment and sterilizer use chemicals, high pressure, filtration, or combination of all for disinfection.

Height & Weight Scales

IORA Lifecare offer exclusive height and weight scales for medical and general purposes. The weight scale is designed with monitor displaying weight and other measurements related to weight such as BMI, Fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass, muscle weight, etc. Height scales denote accurate height marking and indications.

OB GYN (Gynecological) Products

IORA lifecare provides instruments and products which are required for gynecological examination. They are forceps, Dilators, catheter, clamps, depressor, dissecting forceps, dressing forceps, doyen screw, hysterectomy forceps, ovum forceps, speculum, retractors, punch forceps, uterine curette, uterine forceps, parametrium forceps and others.

Suction Machines & Units

IORA Lifecare provides high quality suction machines and units required in medical field. They provider and provide portable suction units, electric or manual suction pumps, automatic suction units and high vacuum suction units. The suction units range from small units to large units which are used in medical procedures.